LA River Yellow by Anyes Galleani

Anyes Galleani

Los Angeles, CA - United States


Anyes Galleani is an Italian-born, Los Angeles-based, visual artist who uses photo montage and collage to create unique images and mixed media art. Since the 90's, Anyes' evocative work has been complementing homes, offices and public venues and has been featured in a variety of magazines and exhibits.

Anyes Galleani creates digital images and mixed media paintings exploring pop culture and urban landscapes.
Anyes' mixed media paintings are a combination of photo montage, collage and paint.
Her process starts with one or more digital images created through photo montage and digital manipulation. Images are printed on paper, parchment or silk and collaged onto wood panels along with other materials, including foil. The prints are distressed to achieve a worn-out look and acrylics are used to paint over the images. This elaborate technique transforms Anyes' images into one-of-a-kind artwork.

Artist statement

I am inspired by women's beauty and fascinated by industrial decay. In my art I love to mix grunge, peeling paint and bright colors with people faces, urban landscapes and glittering textures.

Local shows

You can visit me at my studio, in downtown Los Angeles, Tuesday through Saturdays, from 2pm to 6 pm, by appointment. If my work is currently in a show, you can find that information on my website at Galleani-Art.com
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