NY Close Up 2 by Anyes Galleani

Anyes Galleani

Los Angeles, CA - United States


Anyes Galleani is a visual artist based in the Los Angeles Arts District. She uses photo montage and collage to create pop art with a fashion and urban flare.

A former fashion photographer and video director, Anyes, who was born and raised in Italy, has worked in the Arts District since the 90's, using the streets as backdrops for her photographs and videos. Over the years, she has observed a multitude of street art come and go, becoming particularly fascinated by layered posters wearing out under the sun with graffiti paint dripping all over them in a colorful mix of images & textures.

In 2011, as she was searching for a more organic method than traditional printing for her digital art, Anyes began using mixed media to recreate the look of street posters, transforming her images into one-of-a-kind original artwork and receiving a welcome response from galleries, collectors and corporate buyers.

Artist statement

I am inspired by elements of popular culture such as fashion, beauty, urban & industrial sites. I enjoy juxtaposing them to create imaginary people and landscapes.

Local shows

Currently showing at the Fathom Gallery in Los Angeles. The address is: 12227 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 and the show will be up until March 14th.

Anyes Galleani - Album: Women

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