Floral Spires by Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson

San Francisco, CA - United States


Heather Robinson received formal training in architecture and pursued a successful career as a graphic designer before she decided to pursue painting full-time in 2001. Robinson was initially drawn to collage, which followed naturally from web design – the process of combining existing elements into visually pleasing and distinctive tableau. Since 2007 she he has been making art in her studio at Secession Art & Design.

In her painting practice, Heather incorporates materials and techniques from surface design disciplines and stylized forms from the natural world. Beginning with a textile for base inspiration, Robinson begins an intense development of layers, building up the surface with varying mediums. Some layers are random and uncontrolled, some emphasize the fabric’s ornamental aspects, and some are translucent or pulled away completely to reveal what’s beneath. She then overlays the gold leaf geometric pattern, striving to strike the beautiful balance between the orderly and the chaotic.

Local shows

Secession Art & Design, 3235 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94122
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