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Boback Emad


Originally trained in Architecture, Boback discovered his creative calling in the world of sculpture. His interest in natural material and his utilization of space as a material in his work can be seen in his metal sculptures and Tar paintings.

Guided by his personal experience he creates works of art which express his internal grappling with memory and place. His compositions express a powerful geometric language, which incorporates/utilizes both the void and the material. There is an inherent yearning for a sense of belonging and connection that is evident in his public sculptures in Europe and the United States.

Whether he is working on a monumental stainless steel sculpture or a intimate painting with Tar or watercolor, his focus is on compositional expressions using geometric exuberance as an expression of the world he sees around him.

Boback exhibits his work in galleries in Europe, United States and Mexico. His monumental public sculptures can be seen all over the world in places like Paris, France, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and in city’s around California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.


Artist statement

“The delightful and idiosyncratic dialogue between the architectural form and subconscious visceral reality of space is the conversation I seek. The geometric forms speak directly through their inner harmonic tension, visual balance, interplay of light and the inclusion of negative space."

—Boback Emad

Local shows

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