Coca City 50X50 by Brigitte Lovisa

Brigitte Lovisa

Châtenay-Malabry - France


Born in Dax (France) in 1958, Brigitte Lovisa graduated from ENSAAMA (Olivier de Serres-Paris) in 1982, where she specialized in mural art, and more particularly stained-glass windows. An activity she carried out for fourteen years, when she worked as a painter at the Atelier Sylvie Gaudin in Paris.There, she got involved in many commissions and restorations, among which the famous stained-glass windows of Sens Cathedral.

From 1997 to 2007, she carries on painting while dedicating to her children’s education.
In 2009, she got in Maison des Artistes, and since exhibited continually all across France and internationally (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Reims, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Hossegor, New York, Istanbul, Philadelphie, San Francisco, Amsterdam…).

She travels from universe to universe with a productive bulimia, alternating patterns of characters and towns on wood or canvas.

Her series on New York pictures the energy and the frenzy of consumer society. Inspired by her travels in South Africa, her work mixes acrylic, collage and recycled metal, nailed on wood in a crazy cartoon atmosphere.

Among Brigitte Lovisa’s inspirations, there is Figuration Libre and Pop Culture, but also urban artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Basquiat, Alechinsky or Combas.

She’s clearly enjoying herself and her pleasure is contagious.

The work of Lovisa is part of several private collections in France, Danemark, French Polynesia, South Africa, Japan, Greece, Italy, Brazil, Germany, China, Kuwait, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Lebanon, Switzerland, United States, Spain, Canada, Hungary, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Turkey, Netherlands.

Artist statement

Figuration Libre, Pop Culture.
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