witchcraft, 013 by brut carniollus

brut carniollus

Radovljica, SI - Slovenia


Brut Carniollus is a visual artist and photographer specialised in photographic collage and digital graphics executed as original digital UV prints. His work is exhibited and awarded worldwide. Lives and works in Radovljica, Slovenia, EU.

Artist statement

There's this hunger for beauty in every form and shape that drives my creative process. Being essentially a collector, I find photography to be the perfect media, as it gives me a tool to harvest countless images almost unconsciously. Collected pictures are then, and not so seldom years after being taken, tweaked, processed, twisted, mixed, collaged and abused to the point of revealing what appears to be their inner collective image. Which may look like just another snapshot or an abstract graphic.

Local shows


Digital graphics

Black & White

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