Wayne Thibaud Tribute Donut XS by Camila Valdez by Camila Valdez Art

Camila Valdez Art


When constructing her anthropomorphic sweet treats...

Camila, selects materials which highlight the bold colors and exaggerated shapes of classic desserts.

Utilizing such materials as fiberglass and epoxy resins, which are later hand-painted in order to attain a surreal glow, proof is given that her art is a matter of taste.

Another unique aspect of Camila’s sculptures is that they are intended to invite the audience to interact with them. Touching is encouraged as much as changing what the pieces are wearing by adding a new scarf, fishnet stockings or sneakers to enter Camila’s whimsical world.

Camila’s mentor who spoke of her as “The Salvador Dalí of Desserts” was the famous David Ferguson of San Francisco (Wikipedia), who has worked with both Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat.

In 2017 Camila Valdez was honoured for the fifth year in a row by the National Salon of Visual Arts in Argentina www.palaisdeglace.gob.ar She is the youngest person selected in the 106 year history of the Salon.

In 2015 Camila Valdez and her artworks debuted in USA. Many of her local artworks can be seen in the streets of San Francisco, California and online here.

Camila Valdez is available for interviews in Spanish and English.

Artist statement

Camila Valdez (1984) is an industrial designer and artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who blends both of her professions to create hyper realistic leggy dessert sculptures in table-top and human size. Her sculptures are inspired by the secret esthetics of everyday products.
Objects, in this case desserts, express their feelings to Camila through their colors, shapes and styles.
She says “If a Cupcake is good looking eye-candy, it’s saying come and get me!”

Local shows

Please check www.camilavaldez.com
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