Um Caminho de Espiritos by Pascal Rochette

Pascal Rochette

Stanford, CALIFORNIA - United States


I am a from Paris and I studies Anthorpology in the South of France. Passionate by farms, food and seeds, I have traveled all around Latin America during 1 year.

Since the sixties, I have been sensitive to the protection of the tropical forest and native cultures of Brazil.

Firstly, I was a restaurateur of ancient places in France using ultra realistic trompe l'oeil techniques. then I have become a mural painter and interior designer in Bahia, Brazil, where I have lived nearly 30 years.

Since 7 years ago, I live in Palo Alto, California, where I can delve into abstract paintings, yet with my head in Brazil.

Artist statement

Concerning the motifs, I develop my own vocabulary inspired by the forest and by the culture of natives Pataxos in Bahia, whom I've learned the art forms, spirituality, and sociopolitical organization, by living 2 months with them in the Reserve of Jaqueira.
Regarding the technique, I developed a method to reveal the most colors of the acrylic pure paints.

Local shows

Visit my last annual Home Studio
on Sunday, October 23, 2016
13 Peter Coutts Drive, Stanford, CA
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