Epiliminion #1 by Christophe Piallat

Christophe Piallat

Los Angeles, CA


Christophe Piallat captures light through a variety of physical and sensorial methods that challenge one’s perceptual conditioning. His practice intersects through the worlds of photography, sculpture, and performance. Piallat captures light through a process he calls, “living photography.” As opposed to the camera’s pursuit of a pictorial moment in time, his work records a sculptural and performative moment. Sculpting light with common objects and transforming them into an illusory stratum of geologic form, experience, and imagery. For the Illuminal Range, Piallat crushes and installs common butcher paper around natural and artificial light sources to produce seemingly organic and parasitic light installations. They exist temporarily through various exhibition pieces, clinging to the sides of buildings and other architectural facades. These detail photographic works reveal the strange worlds that are hidden within these glowing formations.

Detail works from: SFMOMA, Santorini Biennial, Holland Paper Biennial, Art Basel 2015
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