San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge by David Klein

David Klein

San Francisco, CA - United States


David was given a 1965 Nikon F that had never been used by his new step mom in 1978. He used the camera off and on for many years.

In 2006 David took photography classes at City College of San Francisco and the camera got quite a work out. In a remarkable twist of fate, In 2007, one of David's clients for his Real Estate Brokerage Business was selling her home and moving back to France and only taking one suit case with her. Her husband had left her the EXACT same camera, which she had never used. David was able to obtain this camera which was like brand new and he continues to take photos with this camera to this day.

David takes photos with a digital SLR camera, his film camera and the camera on his Android smart phone. While continuing to work as a real estate broker, his primary focus for using his photography images is to design prints for fashion with the images. For the past few years he has also been acting in local media production. Please see all of his creative work, including images of his acting in local media on his website.

Artist statement

When I was a little boy growing up in West LA, we used to drive to my Grandparents house in Hollywood. Coming home at night I would squint my eyes to make them water a bit so the street lights would seem like brilliant stars. I would let the bouncing of the car move my eyes so the lights would seem like brilliant stars.

Perhaps it was these drives at night that inspired my love of night photography. I also love exploring and have an insatiable drive to simply see just what's over the next hill. Combine all this with a deep appreciation for the natural and artistic beauty that surrounds us and it drives my passion to capture this beauty with photography, as a painter captures beauty, and share it with you.
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