Midnight Rose by David Perry Lawrence

David Perry Lawrence

Greenfield, WISCONSIN - United States


David Perry Lawrence is a graduate of Yale University. For over 30 years he was a successful photographer, working with three Presidents and numerous movie stars. In 1988 he won 2nd prize nationally in the Fuji 'skylines' competition.

In 2009 he retired to Mexico, where 5 of his photographs were featured in NatGeo.com. He now lives in Greenfield, WI. He continues to have photographs exhibited across the country.

Artist statement

I am primarily a photographer of our sympathetic emotional friends, flowers. I love to spend time with them, study them, seinge how they are made. i love to watch them bloom, and have to endure their dying. I am constantly on the hunt for new flowers to photograph. Like fashion models, some lend themselves to photography more than others :)

I often have special sales of my art, so please follow me at:
My personal website, ElegantFlowerPhotographs.com
At Pixels.com/profiles/david-perry-lawrence/shop I have many items for sale, from prints to handbags to cell phone covers. Please check it out.

I can be reached by email at David@ElegantFlowerPhotographs.com
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