"Chausseestrasse/ Zinnowitzer" by deerBLN


Berlin - Germany


Berlin artist, Christian Rothenhagen, will bring us “back to the roots” and delight us with a new medium of staying up to date: the drawing. We have long forgotten this mean, by which our forefathers wrote, archived and revisited history. Mr. Rothenhagen’s depiction of the streets of Berlin, but also the look through the eyes of this artist to visit the cities of San Francisco. Images “frozen in time”. Like looking through a traveller’s personal snapshots; something so intimate, which is emphasized by the unusual angles Christian Rothenhagen chooses to admire and bring to life. His special eye enables him to pick corners of otherwise unstriking places and through his delicate line technique transform them into aesthetic wonder-spots. With this collection, Christian is opening up his personal journal and letting us get lost in his world.

Artist statement

I am a city kid. I grew up in the heart of Berlin. The things I draw in my artworks are what I would call ‘the nature’ of a big city. It’s like the basic structure of a net, the veins in a body. It’s what keeps it alive. The buildings and empty streets are the core of it.

Berlin, and also San Francisco - my somewhat "home away from home".

Local shows

There are exhibitions every now and then. Solo and group shows. If you happen to be in Berlin feel free to pop by at my studio to get an idea of my work.

Upcoming Mural Installation:

Friday November 9th
6:00 to 9:00pm at Roll Up Gallery (Public Works),
located in the Mission District,
at 161 Erie Street (between Duboce & 14th st.)
San Francisco, CA 94103.

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