Danaë by Denis Santelli

Denis Santelli

Paris, ILE-DE-FRANCE - France


Denis Santelli is a French Artist. He holds a Master in Fine Arts MFA from the North French Higher Art School (Ecole des Beaux-Arts). He has participated in several exhibitions and he has been invited in various seminars and talks about art&tech in USA and in Europe.

He got involved with Interactive Art, experimenting with algorithm, and sensors. I showed my work at RunMe, le Cube (Fr) and Rhizome. I taught New Media Art at National Higher Art School (Beaux-Arts) of Paris-Cergy and Interactive Media Design at the International Institute of Internet Research & Laboratories. His work is collected by Microsoft Redmond, Infosys Berlin and private collectors.

His travels in Europe, China and Silicon Valley increased his will to join an international community who positively impact the world.

Artist statement

The work of Denis Santelli explore relationship between Art history concepts and borrowing from our contemporary digital language like computer algorithms, Information and scientific visualization patterns

Local shows

Next Exhibition in Berlin in February 2017
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