Chair for the hurried by Dave Flynn

Dave Flynn

London, UK


I see myself as a creative image maker. I take real people and place them in believable situations using my camera and photoshop to transport them into fantasy mini worlds.

I am a self taught photographer and have featured in many magazines including: N-Photo, Digital Photographer, and Professional Imagemaker. I was awarded Nature and Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 with the Societies (SINWP/SWPP)

As I continue on my photographic journey and discover new ideas my aim is to reach out and show people the endless possibilities that can be achieved through my images.

I am Dave Flynn and I am a Creative.

Artist statement

I'm inspired by the things we don't really look at or take for granted. e.g the things under our feet, insects & plants. I'm also inspired by other 'modern' creatives, Ben Von Wong & Adrian Sommeling.
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