"Sarpa" Fish by Elena Testi

Elena Testi

Follonica - Italy


I am an Italian artist and interior decorator and for almost twenty years I have been working in the world of art and decoration, principally as a painter and decorator but also as a restorer of furniture and interiors. I graduated first from a specialized arts high school and I have a degree from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. In 1998 I specialized in interior decoration at the “Studio Olympia”, as a result of these studies I gained my first work experience between Italy and London.
In 2003, in Rome, I attended a ‘restoration of paintings and frescoes’ course at the school of ‘Arte e Restauro’, where I learned the techniques of cleaning, stabilizing and retouching. I continued to work in the field of decorative painting and the restoration of ceilings and frescoes, all of which have led me to various parts of Italy. In 2013, following my constant search to learn new techniques and to improve and extend the range of my work, I followed courses in Parma, specialising in the creation of faux painted tapestry, the patina of furniture and oxidized laminas.

Artist statement

Since I was a small child I have been fascinated by the world of painting. My true passion is fine arts through which I have always tried to express my deepest emotions. Although decorating has influenced my work I have ultimately discovered a balance between these two techniques, thus creating a very individual style of painting.
I love to transform an object, a room giving it new life
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