Abstract Macro #114 by David Hawkins-Weeks

David Hawkins-Weeks

Norwich, NORFOLK - United Kingdom


Thanks for dropping by. It's simple, I'm just about photography… no other labels!

I live in Norfolk, England with my gorgeous wife, beautiful daughter, and two wonderful cats. Photography has been an almost life-long past-time and passion since childhood and I love the challenge of photographing different subjects (and sometimes the same subjects over and over) and seeing the beauty in often everyday objects. I like to cover a variety of subjects, including, abstract, macro, nature, landscape, architectural and industrial subjects.

What you see here has been taken for the sheer joy of taking images and the, sometimes, artistic and technical challenges of becoming a better photographer. By all means, contact me if you would like any further information on the work.

Artist statement

I just love the abstract in everyday objects, often seen close-up. I'm fascinated by repeated patterns, textures and contrast.
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