Francesca Paola

Redondo Beach, CALIFORNIA - United States


Francesca is an Italian contemporary photographer & artist. Born in Naples, Italy she lives and creates in Los Angeles.

Her art is about creating dream like fantasies with the relentless rhythm of nature, in which movement is the key element.

For some time Francesca has been exploring this rich colorful, ever-changing world, focusing in particular on the concept of transparencies, light reflection on elements of nature.

She chooses bright colors to celebrate nature accidental artistry of everyday, nature elements are deconstructed, with each composite parts, leaves, trees, sun are captured through the passage of time, day into night, sunrise into sunsets.

By combining photography and elements of art the final shapes are this harmonious juxsposition of forms and movement.

Her art is created on unusual surface of aluminum, acrylic, mosaic and ceramic tiles.

Artist statement

I find inspiration in my surrounding, whether it's elements of nature through their colors and movements, shapes or just simply in their forms. It's interesting how through out the day, morning and night they change and offer a different perspective. From that I interpret their beauty from my imagination with the final product is a senergy of forms, light, colors, movement and transparencies. I work on different media to emphasize the art piece, including aluminum( metal), glass, tiles and acrylic.

Local shows

Palos Verdes, California
Redondo Beach, California

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