Draining by Gary Hoang

Gary Hoang


I was born and bred in London, graduating with an English Literature degree from Westminster University in 2013. Thereafter, I was determined to move to Seoul to become a teacher, and have been living in here for the past 4 years.

During my time in Seoul, I discovered collage art and experimented with it. I’ve been making collage art daily ever since! I work in the medium of digital collage art, and focus predominantly on contemporary and vintage surrealism. I also enjoy incorporating the notion of fantasy and dreams in my work, particularly through images of space and vintage photographs.

I use my work as a narrative to explore and portray my feelings about life, especially as an individual facing challenges in a foreign country. Most of the art I make is usually inspired by the conversations I have with the friends I’ve made, who are of different cultural backgrounds with different of points of view. My inspiration generally comes with the people I connect with.

Artist statement

Digital collage art, contemporary, vintage surrealism

Gary Hoang - Album: Gary Hoang's Artwork

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