Attitude by Ildiko Laszlo

Ildiko Laszlo

Fort Lee, NEW JERSEY - United States


It is really a fluke that I am here at all. My parents are both survivors of the Holocaust. My mother, at the age of nine, was successfully hidden in the Hungarian forest by the red Cross to avoid being taken to a concentration camp. My father managed to survive two Nazi concentration camps before being liberated by American GI's in1945.
I was born in Budapest, Hungary. When I was a young child my family escaped Communist persecution during the Hungarian Revolution, my father carrying me upon his back while escaping to freedom in neighboring Austria. The likelihood of my being born at all, of my being here today, is so slight. I don't take anything for granted. I see the world through new eyes as often as I can. Surprise and intention make for marvelous imagery. When I work I loose sense of time and if the magic appears and I can capture it that day, I am happy.

Artist statement

I am a lover of light and have a voracious curiousity of the enchanting. It is my guide as I continue to work through exploration and experimentation with form, color and the senses.
I sense atmospheric changes in the air, ie. wind and storms they excite my spirit and I try to capture them through my camera and then to large digital giclee prints.

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