Prickley Pear Cactus by Janis Tafoya

Janis Tafoya

Farmington, NEW MEXICO - United States


My name is Janis Tafoya...I live in the Southwest, very close to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
In the summertime I go there often to paint...where the air is fresh with the beauty of nature all

My name is Janis Tafoya and I am an oil painter....I live in the Southwest, very close to the
Rocky Mountains of Colorado....Making artwork is my passion...I love to paint flowers because
of the variety of colors, shapes...each flower is unique and has it's own personality...I also
love the beauty of nature and variety of landscapes, seascapes.
I like to garden and cooking is another passion of mine....Finding the time is sometimes a
problem....I feel like each day is a gift from my Creator and I need to make the most of

Artist statement

My name is Janis Tafoya, I am a "Painter of Emotions", my paintings spring from the heart and emotions......... when I am creating art, I listen to music that inspires me to go to that special place , where time stands
still, problems fade away, and there is at last peace in my life...My hope for you is that you will experience
some of this peace when you view the artwork.

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