lunagram XI by Jeanne Hauser

Jeanne Hauser

San Francisco, CA - United States


Jeanne Hauser is a local San Francisco photographer who has been showing her work in various venues and galleries in the Bay Area for more than 10 years. She uses both the traditional wet darkroom and the digital photography processes to convey her vision. Her greatest inspiration comes from the natural environment yet as an avid traveler and explorer, she also enjoys sharing her observations of culture and places that she discovers during these explorations.
As a member of the City Art Gallery, a cooperative gallery in the Mission district of San Francisco, her work can be seen regularly there. She is also a featured artist in the “Marketplace” at the Rayko Photo Center.
Her most recent project, which is still in process, has been to create a series of black and white photograms that she exposes using the light of the full moon. She calls these Lunagrams. She collects her botanical subjects around some land that she owns in the Sierra foothills of northern California. She then processes these photos in a traditional wet darkroom and tones them with selenium.
To find out more about her, you can visit her website at www.jeannehauser.com
You can contact her at jeannehauser@yahoo.com

Artist statement

Jeanne Hauser finds inspiration in nature. She also likes to combine both analog and digital photography in the creation and output of her work.

Local shows

City Art Gallery, San Francisco
Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco
San Francisco Women Artists
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