Big Black Circle (36x36 Mixed Media on Canvas) by Jeffrey Tover

Jeffrey Tover

Benicia, CA - United States


I'm a contemporary abstract Bay Area artist living in the beautiful city of Benicia. I have been an artist since my early years in grade school and after many years working on a career in healthcare, have revisited my dream of being a working artist again. Over the last five years, I have been heavily involved with my local art community by joining the Board of Directors of Arts Benicia (a non-profit art organization) and this year became Board President. I've also included teaching art technique and career development as part of my contributions back to the community I feel at home with and have embraced as part of my family. My work has been purchased by art collectors here in the U.S. and in Europe. I feel that making art gives voice to one's soul and connects with others in a truly amazing way.

Artist statement

My approach to the development of a painting differs every time I begin. My surroundings, visual and audible, influence the process. The space, the music, the emotions I'm feeling become a part of the end result. Through experimentation of tools, techniques, and color, the experience becomes a personal journey. It is one of the many reasons I enjoy producing abstract art. It's always an adventure as the destination is undefined. In the end, the history of the artwork, the gestural marks and layers of paint, become my voice and, hopefully, makes a connection with the viewer that resonates forever.

"...my paintings are as unique as each person walking the earth. they are meant to invoke their own persona and therefore influence the viewer in different ways. i paint without fear and without intention as I wish to be open to the dialogue that's about to present itself between the creator and it's creation.."

Local shows

Valley Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA
Sarah Jessica Fine Arts, Provincetown, MA
Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA
Local Color, Palm Springs, CA
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