Elephant 2 by John Barney

John Barney

Lakewood, CA - United States


John Barney is an artist in the Los Angeles area. A fan of art his whole life, he’s visited galleries across the country. He incorporates many of the characteristics he’s observed from the paintings he's admired - namely color, texture, and psychological dimension. Influences include French palette knife painter Christian Jequel, Leroy Neimann and visionary artist Bill Martin. Though holding graduate degrees in psychology, he's a self-taught artist, not bound by convention or formal training. He's been called a master of "psychological dimension" - the way a work of art communicates or evokes feelings or thoughts in the viewer, often subconsciously. John often paints with a palette knife, feeling that texture adds to the emotional impact of a painting and finds the controlled random elements of the knife stroke fascinating. During the past couple of years he has won several awards for his paintings. In addition, he's been featured in The Level 25 Art Journal, ARTiculAction Art Review, as well as in Renee Longen's book "Fundamentally Female." John’s work can be found throughout the United States. He's had several gallery shows but also represents himself as an independent artist. His other passion is music - he's working on his 5th CD and currently plays with his band,The Eleventh Floor Band (11thfloorband.com). John lives in southern California.

Artist statement

As a lifelong musician, I create art the same way I do music, with feeling, somewhat haphazardly, taking a wisp of an idea and making it whole. My goal is to enjoy the process and hope that the finished product makes an emotional or psychological impact with the viewer. I am intrigued and motivated by mystery, surrealism, texture, and color. I focus on Psychological Dimension – the way a work of art communicates and evokes feelings and thoughts in the viewer. I’m fascinated how two people view the same artwork and walk away with completely different experiences based on their life experience and unique personality. Hopefully, art may help you discover something about yourself, creating your own meaning. I strive to have you share the same experience I do when looking at an interesting work of art - namely that time and space are suspended for a few brief moments, taking us away from our present reality and into the netherworld of imagination.

Of course, you don't have to go so deep. Maybe you can’t define why you like an artwork or maybe it will just look great in your living room or office. That’s a beautiful thing! Much of my work is done with a painting knife. I find texture emotionally satisfying and I prefer to use a wide array of color to communicate my message.

Local shows

Please go to johnbarneyart.com to see my current exhibits.
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