Century City by Jon Inge

Jon Inge

Edmonds, WA - United States


Born in England and now living in Edmonds, WA, I've been fortunate to have been able to travel for most of my working life. Constantly struck by the ever-changing variety of the landscape outside my window seat, the beauty of this world continues to inspire me, and I hope this comes through in my photographs.

Artist statement

I love to fly; whenever the plane lifts off and the wheels come up I feel that I'm back in my natural environment. I've been fortunate enough to travel for most of my business life, but I never seem to get as much work done in-flight as my colleagues because I'm always fascinated by the view outside my window seat. Clouds and sunsets can be awe-inspiring, but most often I'm mesmerized by the unending variety of the textures and patterns in the landscape below.

Sometime I feel the intellectual curiosity of "I wonder what causes that?" More often, though, I don't need to know the answer; there's just the pure joy of seeing things that intrigue me, stir my emotions and make me want to share what I see. I hope that these photographs, all the aerials of which were taken from window seats on commercial airline flights, give you the same sense of wonder that inspired me.

Jon Inge - Album: Plane View

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