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Juca Maximo

Fortaleza, CEARÁ - Brazil


“I seek with my art trigger some kind of inside disturb. Something that makes the person look and feel that is something deeper inside.” (Juca Máximo)

Visual artist, art director, illustrator, designer and musician. His work consists in different techniques: oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, engravings, nanquin, pencil, digital art, clay sculpture, and digital sculpture.

Known for his work at illustration and advertising , he is gaining notoriety in artistic world, especially overseas. He has already been published in big portals and magazines. And won awards on visual art exhibitions, illustrations and international drawing.

The artist can be defined as “Contemporary expressionist”. His work is dramatic, portraying an explosion of feelings and strong colors.

His artworks are usually made by pen or pencil fine lines that is completed with vigorous strokes and an intense use of impasto, which he adds shocks of colors and aggressiveness in contrast with the delicacy of his portraits.

It is feelings, secret lines and agressiveness on the canvas.

Artist statement

I am inspired by the feminine iconography that symbolizes the feminine artistic essence
and explores the spontaneity and drama of women in the world.

Local shows

25.06 – 07.07 | 2019 “Portraits” The Brick Lane Gallery, London – England
25.04 – 29.04 | 2019 “Art Revolution Taipai” Taipai - Taiwan
04.04 – 15.04 | 2019 “Symbols of Expression” Saphira & Ventura - New York
20.02 – 20.03 | 2019 “Pele que Sinto” Galeria D', Fortaleza – Brasil
15.01 – 15.02 | 2019 “Rosa” Rosa Celeste, Fortaleza – Brasil
16.10 – 16.01 | 2018 “Me tenha, Distância” Sótão Moleskine, Fortaleza – Brasil
11.12 – 11.02 | 2017/18 “MaisArte Colective” MaisArte Galeria, Fortaleza – Brasil
12 | 2017 | 01 | 2018 “Art Of Humanity” International Gallery of the Arts, Toronto – Canadá
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