Midusmmer Hat, Summer Fantasy, Imaginary Portrait, Purple Violet by Julia Khoroshikh

Julia Khoroshikh

St Petersburg - Russia


St Petersburg based artist, working with traditional media mostly - acrylic, pastels and wool and loves painting. Fantasy / surreal art, floral art - abstract and realistic, pattern design.

Artist statement

Art was a kind of miracle for me since I could remember myself, and artists were a magicians. When I was getting older and started to study art seriously, I realized that I can do a miracles myself. Though art still a wonder.

My works are inspired by music, fantasy and nature. I love to depict mythological creatures because they are not only personages of old stories for me, they are a symbols of human souls and that’s why they are eternal. I am also a huge fan of life drawing, it’s a ground for my fantasy and decorative works. And I love to make patterns, it’s a kind of meditation for me.

Julia Khoroshikh - Album: Abstract / patterns

Julia Khoroshikh - Album: Florals

Julia Khoroshikh - Album: Surreal / fantasy art

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