Coconut trees by Juliana Vasquez

Juliana Vasquez

England - United Kingdom


I studied journalism and I started my career as a photojournalist. I loved the idea of being an observer and of being able to document the world from my point of view. I worked for newspapers for ten years in my native Brazil. Then I left, exhausted by the problematic social surroundings I was witnessing. So I started to create my own stories and my own narratives. Nature is often present in my work. Light and shadows atract me. My life has always been nomadic since I was a child in which I lived in many houses in many cities and as an adult in different countries. Through my photo series I investigate what is important for me and what I choose to believe. The photos are a document of my search for places of peace, the beauty of the things I find, and about the yearning that goes along with that.

Solo: 2018 / Finito Azul / Trancoso House of Culture / Trancoso / Brazil
Group: 2017 / Seagulls and Starlings / The Claremont Hotel / Hove / UK
Solo: 2017 / Brighton landscapes / Salvage Cafe / Hove / UK
Group: 2017 / Paisagens transitivas / SESC Foz do Iguaçu / Foz do Iguaçu / Brazil
Group: 2009 / XV UNIFOR Plastic / Fortaleza University / Fortaleza/ Brazil
Group: 2004 / CREA-MS Photo Award Winners / CREA-MS / Campo Grande / Brazil
Group: 2002 / Iluminura / Light Design Space / Campo Grande / Brazil
Group: 2002 / National Transbank Award Winners / Grupo Nordeste de Fotografia/ Brazil

Publication: 2018 / Art Photography Awards / Lens Culture online competition gallery
Publication: 2017 / Brighton Landscapes / USA / Curious Frame online magazine
Publication: 2016 / Street Photography Awards / Lens Culture online competition gallery
Publication: 2011 / Leica Photo Prize / Finalist / Fotografe Melhor Magazine / São Paulo / Brazil
Publication: 2012 / GVT blog special Olympic Games 2012 / London / UK
Publication: 2009 / Leica Photo Prize / Finalist / Fotografe Melhor Magazine / São Paulo / Brazil
Award: 2004 / CREA-MS Photo Award / Third Prize / CREA-MS / Campo Grande / Brazil
Award: 2002 / National Transbank Award / First Prize / Grupo Nordeste de Fotografia / Brazil

Artist statement

My images are mostly, but not exclusively double exposures. These are overlapping images taken at different places at different times. They cover London where I now live, Brighton where I lived for a year and Bahia, a coastal region in Brazil, where my family live. The images are primarily the people who live in these places and the landscapes that they inhabit. As such, the images often have a familiar feel: they are what you would see or who you would see if you spent any length of time in these places. Even if the picture has something unusual in it, like a bright pink sunset, it will be the same pink sunset that you will encounter one or two days a year out in the afternoon in midwinter.

The double exposure means that two images are layered against one another or presented side by side. This can introduce a strangeness or something unfamiliar in the images which gives the image a particular feel. This feeling might be meditative, a feeling of longing and lonliness or a feeling of joy and happiness. Time is also important for me in the images. Sometimes the images are of the same place but years apart, which means they are a kind of memory diary across time. Another way that time works in the pictures, is that sometimes I look at the pictures and imagine that I could return to the same place and with a little patience and luck capture the same people doing the same thing with the same sky or sea and the same colours.
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