Josephine A & B by Karenina Fabrizzi

Karenina Fabrizzi

Barcelona , BARCELONA - Spain


Karenina Fabrizzi is an Italian artist who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.
She study fresco techniques in Italy and in several European cities including Barcelona and London.
A keen traveler, her training later took her to New York, where she spent a period as painting assistant to the American Pop artist Jeff Koons, attending the School of visual arts.
Karenina’s work has been exhibited all over the world and is held in many private collections internationally.
Her work beautiful and whimsical, yet raw and confronting in some way, reminds the Russian-French painter Marc Chagall’s naive dreamlike imagery where figures fly and animals are symbols for human nature, also it has the exposed vulnerability found in the work of Austrian artist, Egon Schiele.
The layered surfaces she creates imitates a chalk wall (possibly a result of her fresco studies in Italy) often using rice paper, marble dust, oil paint, inks, graphite and pen amongst other materials.
Her paintings draw you in like moving through a softly coloured mist of fantastical and mysterious objects and characters.

Artist statement

I have been always fascinated by nature, the behavior of animals, the way that flowers and plants grow and how we are a big part of it, the subtle injection of ambiguity that blurs the gap between the ordinary and the fantastic.
In my work I want to bring nature closer to the observer, to connect people with their roots and memories. Organic elements are essential as they show us, like in a fairy tale, the link between the subconscious mind and the actual world.
This, besides having an apparent dark side, also embodies a sense of fragility and Vulnerability, which seems to be a consistent characteristic of my work.
Delicate graphite lines, a subtle oil color palette, ink and rice paper all amalgamate to create layer after layer a particularly dreamy look that distinguishes my work.

Local shows

Artzu Gallery & Curious egg
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