Unity Temple by Karina Thome

Karina Thome

Waco, TX - United States


Karina Thome was raised in Houston, Texas where her mother introduced her to the rich fine arts and theatre scene there. When they were not seeing a new exhibition or a symphony, Karina spent most of her time at the upholstery shop her Mother ran, where Karina was surrounded by fabrics, patterns, and furniture. As a teenager, Karina began to paint frequently which eventually led her to move to San Francisco to study Painting and Design at The San Francisco Art Institute. During her time in college, she returned to her roots of furniture and began to experiment with building structures and conceptual furniture. Eventually, her love for structures and painting would collide to become in conversation with one another. Karina graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2015 with a Bachelors in Painting and a minor in Design Technology.

After graduating from college, her love for structures would expand as she began to travel and became enamored by the rich history and culture of architecture which is unique to each city and town. Her love for architecture and her experience in design has led her into a fulfilling career of architectural design which continues to inspire and inform her paintings, illustrations, and sculptures.

Artist statement

Karina's curiosity for creative structure drives a deep passion into the ever-expanding world of architecture. The focus on architecture looks at a rich historical past of materials, community, hierarchy, and design which informs beyond the art world and into each individual's daily mundane life. Through graphic art, painting, and sculpture, the artist explores historical architectural forms in conjunction with contemporary practices of building visual experiences to connect art and architecture through the core concept of creating our surrounding environment.

Local shows

Current Group Show: "The Art of Celebrity and Modern Brandmaking" at Cultivate7twelve. March 1 - March 31.

Current Group Show: "New Works" at Austin Art Space.
March 14 - March 30
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