Birth by Katherine Filice

Katherine Filice

Gilroy, CA - United States


Katherine Filice is best known for her unique approach to meditative line making. Using primarily a fine-point Rapidograph technical pen, she explores the human experience with a provocative and unexpected dialogue. Filice pushes the technical possibilities of a simple curved line, while asking us to think more deeply and share more openly as she exposes not only the creative zeitgeist of her inner world, but our collective spiritual awakening.

Artist statement

I am driven, compelled, to investigate and understand the human condition, relationships, to cast a light on what we keep hidden, to draw a line that awakens those around me, to challenge their perception of reality, to transform their thinking, to push the viewer beyond reason and through a door of provocation.

I use a surreal, point-of-departure approach, and a very unique, detailed pen and ink technique. My meditative drawings take anywhere from fifty to well over a hundred hours to complete. Someone once told me it's like I am "peeling back the skin, but it is oddly beautiful."

Local shows

The Shard Exhibit | London
Las Laguna Gallery | Laguna Beach, California
2019 International Artist Grand Prize Competition Art Revolution | Taipei
Startup SF Art Fair | San Francisco
MvVO Art Show | New York
MvVO at The Oculus World Trade Center | New York
The Other Art Fair | Saatchi Art | Chicago
To ArtCan with Love 2019, Fitzrovia Gallery | London
Artist Showcase at ADC Gallery | Ohio
Gestalt Spectrum 6 | Santa Monica, California
Asia Contemporary Art Show 2019 | Hong Kong
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