Tidal by Karen Hanley Colbert

Karen Hanley Colbert

Boynton Beach, FLORIDA - United States


I have been diligently working on my photographic vision in all aspects of Fine Art Photography. I shoot both in color and black and white. Over the past ten years, my work has been recognized in local, regional, national and international Juried Competitions. I have received awards, honors and nominations in Abstract, Nature, Architecture and Landscape among others. My imagery has also been exhibited and sold in a local gallery and published in two magazines.

In the last few years, my Abstract work has taken a decidedly impressionistic turn and recent awards have confirmed to me that I am on a rewarding pathway. The imagery that I now capture blurs the lines of precision-point photography and renders them as soft and uplifting, sensory art.

I enjoy the freedom of exploration and the self-fulfilling expressive nature that my current work brings into my life.

Artist statement

I am only one of many photographic artists using either long exposure, multiple exposure, digital stitching or photo stacking - often combining them. As photographers, some of us are going beyond the limits of photo-realistic, representative work. We are demonstrating our imagination, inspiration, and interpretation in our efforts to move from realism to emotion and expression. Like the original impressionist painters, my abstract and motion-filled pieces are incorporating movement as the fundamental and essential feature of the experience of the art. This art seems to transcend the literal and become the stuff of dreams, movement and imagination.

Local shows

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