Snake Eyes by Lara Buelow

Lara Buelow

San Francisco, CA - United States


Lara Buelow is a painter based in San Francisco, CA. Born in Germany, raised in the Bay Area, Lara creates at home and abroad. Her wanderlust has led to a love of sketchbooks and collage, incorporating bits and pieces of her surroundings into her work. Having studied art at Parsons School of Design and graduating with a degree in Geography from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, Lara is always seeking to build bridges between the dualities in life. She has embraced the big city of NYC and smaller communities in Washington and New Mexico.

Now her life in San Francisco carries a similar juxtaposition: though living in a dense urban area, she seeks to remain connected to nature through outdoor activities such as cycling and surfing. Lara’s work is an exploration of these many dualities that arise in our lives. Using both figures and geometry she creates bright portraits of the intersections of ideas, images and stories.

Lara is currently pursuing international residencies, group shows and mural opportunities. Her dream is to paint around the world.

Artist statement

My newest body of work is inspired by moroccan textiles and untranslatable words. Incorporating geometric patterns into bold dream-like landscapes, bursts of color and simplified shapes pull the viewer into other-worldly environments. Having gathered imagery from a trip through Morocco and the School of Life’s deck of untranslatable words, I am weaving together memories while attempting to express feelings for which there are no words in English. Often when returning from a journey, I have found myself speechless or at a loss of how to convey the experience. These paintings seek to express what words can not. The heavy repetitions of patterns become meditations, representing both the manic pace of the modern world and the pause that happens when we focus on a single task.

Local shows

San Francisco Open Studios 2016
Oct 22 & 23 at Shared-SF, 739 Bryant Street
Nov 5&6 at 49 Ford Street, my at home studio
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