infinity by Nadia Lysakowska

Nadia Lysakowska

Vicchio, FIRENZE - Italy


The circumstances of my life are changing and the style of my painting is changing with them. I like painting and graphics equally strongly, and my art explores both of these areas. In 2016, I sought asylum in Italy in connection with the hostilities in my country and the occupation of my city. It is invigorating to feel free of an expected path. // A native of Ukraine, a resident of Tuscany. For ten years I studied art, first at the College of Arts (Donetsk) and afterwards at the Academy of Arts of Ukraine (Lviv). Since 2007, I have been working freelance as an independent artist. I participate in joint and individual art exhibitions, first in Ukraine and now in Italy. My paintings are sold across Europe and North America.

Artist statement

Donetsk Art College (Ukraine) 1991-1996
Lviv Academie of Art (Ukraine) 1996-2000

Local shows

Personal exhibition:
Melograno Art Gallery, Livorno (IT),
23 – 30 november 2019
Municipality of Pontassieve, Firenze (IT), june 2018
Pid Levom Gallery, Lviv (UA), september 2016
Madam Palmgren Gallery, Lviv (UA), september 2014
Canvas&Page Gallery Kiev (UA), settembre 2013
Izba Gallery, Donetsk (UA), december 2011

Joint exhibitions:
ArtePadova 2018 (IT), 16 – 19 november 2018
Melograno Art Gallery, Livorno (IT), may 2018
Glance Gallery, Donetsk (UA), january 2014
Modern Art Gallery, Donetsk (UA), october 2013
Glance Gallery, Donetsk (UA), january 2013
Modern Art Gallery, Donetsk (UA), october 2012
Gallery "ArtHall", Kiev (UA), september 2012
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