Stormy by Marcin Sobas

Marcin Sobas



I was born and am now living in Poland: the Silesia region. I have a master’s degree in economy and at this moment am developing my professional career in IT. Ever since I can remember I have always been sensitive to the charms of nature. I believe this originates from my father who was also the one who gifted me with a compact camera. This initiated my adventure with photography. The next key milestone was the purchase of a professional DSLR camera, and from that moment on I started to take photography seriously – and in a much more conscious way. It has become my greatest passion.

I specialize in landscape photography. My favorite themes are rolling farmlands, foggy mornings in the mountains, and lakes. I do my best to have every single picture to tell a different story where light and environmental conditions are the main characters. These two factors make the world look extreme and unreal at various times of a day and year.

I hope that at some point of time I will manage to fulfill my greatest dream which is visiting all earth’s continents.
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