Maurice Louis


Maurice Louis was born in 1958 in France (Normandie). His birth city is located between Honfleur, a worldwide renowned harbor town along the Seine river and Deauville, one of the most prestigious seaside cities in France. It hosts international fairs such as the American Film Festival and the Asian Film Festival. Because he was in that rich artistic environment and worked within the crews who were setting up the fairs, Maurice very quickly developed a taste for the arts, especially for abstract painting. When he was 18 years old, he moved to live in Paris and created a decor service company working for renowned brands in fashion, art, and cinema. With his network, he was able to attract a prestigious clientele such as Productions Films 13 directed by the famous movie producer Claude Lelouche, Chanel, Yves Sain-Laurent, Oscar De La Renta, and various Parisian art galleries. Maurice took those opportunities to exhibit his work in many French galleries in the early 2000s.

In 2005, he moved with his wife and their son to Canada which reminds him of his birth city. Maurice decided that it was time for him to take seven sabbatical years during which he spent his days discovering his new country while becoming a Canadian citizen in 2009. It's also during that time that he slowly went back to painting.

In 2014, he began to exhibit again in Canada and got quickly noticed among the local art communities. In 2015, he exhibited in a solo show in Stoneham entitled "Abstract Variations" where he found his first collectors. The public finally had an opportunity to discover his style which he calls "Bronzaï" and "Metali-K" and will later become "Artistic Metallurgism". The movement was born and Maurice Louis became its leader. In the end of 2015, Louis received a price for creating this new art movement - le Prix Nouveau Mouvement en Arts Visuels - which launched his career.
Madame Christine Saint-Pierre, French Congresswoman is one of the collectors of his work.

Maurice Louis - Album: Abstrait

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