Gray by Mike Irwin

Mike Irwin


Trained in Art since childhood, Mike Irwin has years of experience painting abstract works on canvas and making art out of the world around us with his photography. His interest in photography originally started with the need to purchase a DSLR camera in order to make archival-quality photographs of his paintings for print sales. This technical necessity immediately became a whole new world of creative possibilities to explore, and it was at the point Mike discovered infrared photography that he truly fell in love with what the camera could do. Two more DSLR camera bodies were acquired and converted to dedicated infrared, and Mike started planning photography trips throughout the American Southwest to explore this new medium. Infrared photos in such places as Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, and Monument Valley are now some if his most notable and best-selling works of art.

Mike spends most of the free time he can come across pursuing creative ventures – as a musician, painter, photographer and graphic artist. Mike hopes that his creative journey in life has only just begun, and he is motivated by the idea that he may have only just scratched the surface of what his artistic future holds.

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