Winter Boardwalk #7 by murraybolesta


Green Valley, ARIZONA - United States


My work celebrates the genius of nature and humankind, and is dedicated to preserving our natural and cultural heritage. As an activist, my life and my work are the same in this way.

I found photography to be a cool thing very early in life. Trained as a teen in the darkroom in the early 1970s, my artistic aspiration is to achieve compelling compositions with a style that is elegant, minimalist, and painterly. I have broad interests, so my subjects also are broad, and I enjoy experimenting with diverse styles.

Selling professionally since 2004, I've sold many hundreds of artworks to delighted customers around the world, mostly via the internet. My patrons are individuals, businesses, art consultants and interior designers.

Taking great pride in personally producing virtually all of my heirloom-quality art prints, I use the best professional techniques and finest art papers with meticulous perfectionism.

I live in Arizona, planet Earth, with my wife Agn├Ęs, a cat, and a truck.

My personal website is the main trove for all my work -

Artist statement

I produce compelling images and the highest quality art prints.

Local shows

Creative Spirit Gallery, Patagonia Arizona USA
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