Exit Music #36 (Zozobra) by Nathan Beard

Nathan Beard

St. Petersburg, FL - United States


Nathan Beard was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Colorado State University in 2001 and then worked in galleries and as an Art Consultant in Denver, CO for seven years. He grew up on a dairy farm in western New York. Prior to his university studies,
Nathan lived in Egypt for one year as an exchange student and, upon his return, worked as a cowboy in Wyoming for two years.He currently maintains a studio in St. Petersburg, FL, where he lives with his wife and six year old daughter. His work is represented in locally by ARTicles Art Gallery (St. Petersburg, FL). Nathan also serves as Curatorial Assistant at Dunedin Fine Art Center, Preparator at Scarfone/Hartley Gallery (University of Tampa) and as preferred installer for ARTicles clients. In addition, Nathan is the curator of CONSTRUCT, a traveling exhibition featuring 18 West Florida artists. Premiering in April 2017 at Gallery AIA (Tampa), the exhibit has also opened at Centre Gallery (University of South Florida) and Palmetto Art Center (Palmetto, FL).

Artist statement

Nathan has two bodies of work. Exit Music is abstract and serves as a way to explore the confluence of human will and cosmic forces. Pond's Edge is representational and serves as a respite for reflection and as a method of resharpening drawing skills. Taken together, they function to appease the multiple aspects of the creator's mind. Recently Nathan has begun working on canvas to combine these two bodies of work into a new series called "Kintsugi". Drawing on the ancient Japanese tradition of fixing broken ceramics with lacquer dusted with precious metals, these canvas scrolls are a continuance of Nathan's meditations upon the nature of Space-Time at the confluence activity and reflection. He seeks neither OR nor VS., but rather the elusive AND.

Local shows

410 Gallery, Fukuoa, Japan
Impact Returns Emerging Artist New Works Exhibition, Gulf Coast Art Museum, Largo, FL
SKYWAY: A Contemporary Collaboration, Tampa Museum of Art
Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL
ARTicles Art Gallery and Custom Framing, St. Petersburg, FL
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