The Palms Collection by Nick Carver

Nick Carver

Tustin, CA - United States


I strive to create art that hasn't been done before, art that breaks free from the current trends and offers more than a reflection of mainstream techniques. Through my photography, I hope to leave viewers feeling something new or remembering something old, something that can't be rightfully articulated with words, but something positive and powerful they won't soon forget. I believe aesthetics has the capability to reach people in a way that nothing else can, and my endgame with art is to touch people on that deep level. Whether the print will be displayed in a private residence or on the walls of a bustling medical center, I find my greatest joy in making unique wall art that enhances the beauty of the indoors with the aesthetics of the outdoors.

As far as photographers go, I could be classified as a purist with a strong aversion to digital manipulation. My recent fine art photography is done entirely with traditional analog film primarily in medium and large film formats. Film remains my medium of choice for all of my fine art work but my archives contain an abundance of digital photos as well. Whether I use film or digital, I never engage in heavy digital manipulation such as airbrushing or combining multiple images. The modern-day trend of heavy "Photoshopping" is not something you'll find in my work. My goal is to create as much of the image as possible in-camera and on-location. This unique approach keeps me better connected to my art and results in images that stand apart from the mainstream.

Artist statement

The photography of Galen Rowell and Ansel Adams, as well as the paintings of Kenton Nelson
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