Quantum Vacuun by Ordí Calder

Ordí Calder

Armação Dos Búzios, RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil


Existential Poetry in Pictures | website www.ordicalder.art

"Ordi Calder is a fine art photographer, recognized abroad and Brazil, whose focus on the geometric interplay of light and shadow on atomized compositions take us on an arcane quest for the essential components of reality. Until a few months ago, if you were to ask to make a plausible connection between G.W. F. Hegel (a German philosopher whose existence on this earth straddled the 18th and 19th centuries), Fritz Lang (the German Expressionist film maker who gave us Metropolis in 1926), and Edward Weston (the American wunderkind of that 1st generation modernist fine art photographers) Id be hard put to do so. But that was prior to encountering Ordi body of work. Today, the task is easy." by Jonathan Raddatz.

Jonathan is a painter, writer and scholar specializing in the religious and philosophical landscape of Late Antiquity. He spends his time translating ancient texts, painting in the studio, taking his kids on field trips to museums, and writing about all kinds of things having to do with Early Christianity, philosophy, art history, and contemporary art. You can find out more about him by checking out his web site: www.jeraddatz.com

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Artist statement

Artist statement
Inspirations: Geometry, Colors, Music, History, Graphic Design, Metaphysics, Psychedelic


The Surreal underlies Real, Photography Shows

Local shows

Av. Geribá, Nº100, Manguinhos
Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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