StripePose Study75 by Philippe Jestin

Philippe Jestin

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - United States


I work and live in San Francisco, CA.
The art works presented here are made with a technique developed over the years for casting and creating a relief drawing of resin on wood panel.
Years ago with the idea of finding ways to control the fluidity of resin used as a sculptural material on flat surfaces, I started to carve shallow drawing in wood panels.
The resulting works were very satisfying, although carving drawings in plywood panels was a difficult process. Later on and with some experimentation, I started to use silicone poured on the wood panel to create a temporary mold or mask, transferring the drawing to the silicone when cured and then cutting out with a blade the area where the resin is later poured. Once the resin is cured the mask of silicone is removed from the surface.
Once the silicone mask is removed from the panel it cannot be used again to create another work.

Artist statement

my work is inspired by the human figure and finding ways to create an object visually ambiguous, offering different lectures between the figurative and the abstract, going back and forth, open to the potential of a fluid perception. My Initial interest in the representation of the folding of fabric designs over the body led me to create poses of the human figure with stripes and subtracted spaces. Through my craft the resin cast on the panel creates a relief on the surface interacting with the white background where these “positive” and “negative” spaces can be seen as completing and/ or competing with each other, depending on how the translucent reliefs of resin interact with the light and the viewer’s physical and/or emotional stance.

Local shows

Currently at Noir Lounge in Hayes Valley SF.
With my UpUpUpArt BikeTrailer by the Proxy in San Francisco's Hayes Valley on Sunny weekends
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