Rio - Brazil by Raphael Federici

Raphael Federici

Paris - France


Raphael Federici is a visual artist also known by the nickname Paris Sketch Culture (PSC).

Born in 1986, Raphael currently lives and works in Paris. However, he travels a lot as he's constantly looking for new walls to paint.

Proud of Generation Y, he seeks to be its spokesman by the types of subjects and techniques he uses. He seeks to etablish a contact with his contemporaries by trying out a universal language called "Street Art".
He gets his work done in his studio as well as on the streets and believes his "limitless" art gives birth to a new blend of classical painting, spray painting, illustration, projection, leather wood etc.

Raphael likes to use noble techniques to deliver a rather underground message, inducing from this fusion a new artistic spirit, which sometimes feels incomplete. Since 2012, he has been focussing on painting around the world, constantly seeking for inspiration and adventure. He describes his artistic movement as "Neo Pop-expressionism".

Local shows

Paris - Oscar Gallery (1st district)
Paris - Les Cerealistes (3rd district)
Miami - Lulu Laboratorium gallery (Wynwood)
Bruxelles - Manufacture 111 gallery
Sao Paulo - Galeria E
CapTown - Alliance Francaise de Captown (Pop up gallery)

Raphael Federici - Album: Fly Butter

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