Lie to Me by Marcus Conge

Marcus Conge

Rochester, NY - United States


Digital Artist Marcus Conge believes everyone carries a burden of some kind, whether they share it publicly or not, yet the act of responding to art reveals what we each guard most closely. Our deepest secrets. Our rawest emotions. Our wildest imaginings.

All three are visible, running parallel to the finely drawn details which lend contour, form, and gravity to his work—itself an open invitation to join in the process of excavating and exorcising that which keeps us boxed in, walled off or otherwise perplexed by the myriad, multisensory textures of life.

In that respect, none of us is immune.

Conge’s otherworldly art takes shape in his dreams, begging to be created in 3D and to then be rendered as images which help him (and others) fully explore and expand the boundaries of life, death, and nature.

With work reviewed in Art House Press and elsewhere, he encourages outside critique and interpretation—holding in high regard that which is informed by viewers’ own struggles, sacrifices, and experiences.

Conge was born in Irondequoit, NY.

He, in fact, has spent most of his life in Greater Rochester. However, his artistic style and worldview have long encapsulated the lure of Cape Cod, where he lived at age 6—each return visit evoking sense memories flush with detail. At times? Distractingly so.

He currently lives in Upstate NY with his wife Tammy, who provides unshakeable support for his craft and shares his deep-seated love of the Cape, and with their cat Triton.

Artist statement

I’ve always thrived on being immersed in The Struggle—or, in the fight to wrangle my emotions and sensations in a way that suggests I might one day control them.
Perhaps that’s because it’s my nature to see, feel and taste every nuance of life in three whole dimensions. Rarely is anything flat or static. My art helps exorcise the real and imaginary demons I wrangle with, as gentler memories run loops around them and vie for my attention.

It’s a daily struggle, to be sure.

What you, the viewer, take away from the images I’ve created and offer up for your consideration will be reflective of your Struggle—of your worldview, of your experiences, and of your narrative.

That’s entirely as it should be.

While a heightened and perpetual state of discomfort isn’t for everyone, it’s all I know. I need those conditions to survive. They keep me from being satisfied with what already is, with the work I did a year ago and with the work I’ll do tomorrow.
When I’m struck by inspiration, I run with it. When I’m short on inspiration, I find it in the everyday. More specifically it finds me, as I practice the disciplined task of creating work every day—work that gives visual expression to the feelings and situations I grapple with on a regular basis.

That’s how I unload my personal burdens.

I’m unafraid to share that work and see no point in hiding it. We may differ greatly in our philosophy, sensibility or mannerisms. Yet we all face one struggle or another. Simultaneous struggles even.

You’re welcome to explore mine.

Local shows

Personal site - http://3dconge.com

Current Exhibit
Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) - SOLD OUT
DECEMBER 6, 2019 - JANUARY 12, 2020 - 29th Annual Members Exhibition

Art House Press - Issue II 2016

Between Mirrors

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