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Steffen Ulbrich



Steffen Ulbrich

Born in the middle of the 60`s, Steffen Ulbrich started photographing at the age of 14 with a simple analogue camera, which was a gift from his father. In the early 80`s he bought his first reflex camera. His medicine studies and his career as a surgeon led him to abandon photography till 2010, when he returned to his former passion with his first digital camera.
A self-taught photographer, Steffen Ulbrich likes to practice early morning light hunting to create a surprising and minimalist visual language, with fascinating aesthetics and compositional balance. In his compositions, images are reduced with patience and precision to their essential. He finds his main motives in nature, wonder, and human ingenious architecture. For Steffen Ulbrich, photography is like "shutdown time". His works have been shown in several exhibitions in Germany.

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