Nebular by Steve Hall

Steve Hall

High Point, NORTH CAROLINA - United States


Steve Hall is an artist based in Greensboro, North Carolina. He graduated with a BFA in Drawing and Printmaking from UNCG in 2015. Currently, his studio is located at the 205 Collaborative in downtown Greensboro.

Artist statement

Each day, I set out into nature with my camera in order to capture aspects of nature. I then take those images and begin to extract the natural forms that are captured from those images. Once the forms have been extracted, I begin to superimpose them on top of one another and begin to negotiate the image. Through the investment of time and focus the images are eventually revealed. Each image is hand drawn, without the assistance of a straight edge.

Local shows

Currently the new body of work is being shown at a local venue Rioja!, in Greensboro.
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