Baghdad by Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Valparaiso, IN - United States


Steve is a visual artist working and living in Valparaiso, NW Indiana. He spent the first forty years of his life in England and holds dual USA/UK citizenship.

He is primarily a painter but also work with mixed media, photography and computer graphics. Steve has had solo shows and been part of group shows in both the UK and the US and is a published photography writer. He's have taught art on three continents and also been involved with various art based community projects.

Steve has explored just about every avenue of two dimensional visual art over a period of thirty five years. The biggest change in his work has been a shift from realism to abstraction. Over the last couple of years he has become very comfortable working without feeling the need to reference the our shared reality. This has been incredibly liberating and he feels that his current work reflects a new found artistic freedom.

Artist statement

I regard myself as a part of the art stream that consists of the Post Impressionism, European Expressionism in all of its guises (especially Die Brücke) and of course, Abstract Expressionism. Some of my work skates close to minimalism and very occasionally I may do something that could be called Postmodern (but that doesn't happen very often).

Among the artists that have had the biggest impact on me are Cézanne, Picasso, Kandinsky, Kirchner along with modern photographers such as Paul Strand and Edward Weston.

Other things that influence me are TV, comics (especially those from the seventies), movies, pulp fiction, and modern architecture.

Usually though, I try not to overthink this stuff as the most important lesson an artist has to learn is how to live with ambiguity.

Local shows

Steve Johnson - Album: Abstract Expressionism Paintings

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