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Robert Faure



The curiosity of Robert FAURE has exceeded his studies. Trained in astronomy and Western philosophy he quickly interested in thinking and Far Eastern cultures, mainly from India. This interest led him to practice and teach yoga for 20 years, while organizing intercultural and spiritual Conferences confronting Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. In one of them, he made the unexpected meeting of a Chinese painter, Master TANG making a demonstration in a side event. Robert Faure was impressed by his skill, accuracy of his eyes and the strength of his actions.
This event causes the spark which will not disappear over the starting point of his practice and exploration of this art. In this short relationship, as opposed to traditional teaching, Master Tang invited Robert to reproduce the works of great masters to look for the spirit of their paintings.
Supported by the techniques of body stability and integrated breath through yoga, It refines this art "of the right gesture that leaves a trace."
10 years later, encouraged by the Japanese artist Hachiro KANNO met in Paris, Robert Faure transcribed his philosophy and practice of painting in the book '' Gesture of the Spirit '(Editions du Chêne).
His first trip to China in 2005 puts him in touch with an exceptional Chinese teacher he met in the Yellow Mountains (Huangshan). Despite his popularity and painting courses on Chinese television, Li Xiang Hong agrees to support this European in his artistic approach. Since then every year Robert FAURE travels with him through different landscapes of China. He thus perfects techniques, gestures, angles and inking he could not find in any book but he experiences directly from nature staying with him.

Robert Faure exhibited in various cities in France, and in 2013 he was the first Western painter of tch’an art to exhibit his works in the famous national Gallery Rong Bao Zhai of Beijing founded in 1672. In 2014 he was invited to exhibit at the Hanhouse Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou. His paintings were highly appreciated by numerous professional artists, teachers and students of the Academy.

Li Xiang Hong's testimonies: " Your ceaseless passion and your firm courage led to you to surmount many difficulties during the apprenticeship, but your results arouse our great admiration" " It is difficult to understand the main part of this former art if we do not know well the Chinese culture. But you, after several journeys in China and after numerous communications with Chinese painters, you get with intelligence the "Tao" of the chinese painting".

His art

In a period of abundance of images and colors, the Tch’an (China) or sumi-e (Japan) art whispers a quiet silence and proposes in counterpoint a silent working of the beauty. “The purity of the silence” is away from any excitement or useless, just the evocation of a breath, a motionless rustle of trees, deaf and majestic of high mountains. In the sober art of the black and white, this painting “speaks to us” about a discretion and does not try to stand out but to suggest. A discretion which revisits our silence.
This “art of the simple” is done with the black ink without any retouch, in a fast way after a time of meditation. The thousand-year-old rules remained the same until this day : sobriety, liveliness, rhythm of the plan, the representation of the life until its shiver in everything.
Through his paintings the contemporary glance of Robert Faure tries to emphasize the main part, the soul of things rather than the detail. He revisits in his way one of the oldest and pure styles of ink painting, the tch’an painting, leaving an important place to the suggestion and to the empty spaces.
For more than 30 years, he is faithful to this style of painting and keeps on perfecting his art during regular journeys in China and Japan. Robert Faure has exhibited for the second time in China, at the Museum of the Fine Arts Academy of Hangzhou in june 2014. He was the first western painter exposed in this very famous Museum. In may 2013, Robert Faure was also the first western painter of tch'an art exhibited at the very famous national gallery Rong Bao Zhai of Beijing. His paintings were very appreciated by numerous Chinese painters, teachers and students of the Academy.

Local shows

Robert Faure exhibitions since 1996.

CRAVERO Gallery - Le Pradet
Baselworld - SWIZTERLAND

44Kleber collective show - Paris - FRANCE
Paris 222 Faubourg Saint Honoré Privat show - Paris - FRANCE
Bus expo - Paris - FRANCE

TENRI Center - Paris - FRANCE
"Porte d'Italie" Gallery - Toulon - FRANCE
Fine art Hangzhou museum - CHINA
(First occidental painter to be exposed in Hangzhou Academy)

RONG BAO ZHAI Gallery - Pékin - CHINA
(First occidental painter to be exposed in this gallery created in 1672)

Grand Palais des Champs Elysées Paris - Salon de la Peinture à l'eau - FRANCE
Saint-François de Paule church - TOULON - FRANCE
Cultural center of the city hall - PADOUE - ITALIE

2nd international meeting of chinese ink painters. - COGOLIN
Saint-François de Paule church - TOULON

Toulon honor city hall - TOULON
Colloque Art-Science-Pensée de MOUANS SARTOUX

Châtelet house and médialibrary - BOURG ARGENTAL

Private show TOULON

First international meeting of chinese ink painters - PONTCHARRA
Charlemagne library - TOULON

Media library BERRE L'ETANG
Grand Prix de la ville de CARQUEIRANNE
Toulon Asiatic museum - TOULON

2004 Toulon Asiatic museum - TOULON

"Terre d'Asie" show - NICE

Palais des Papes en AVIGNON
Private show Créa-Surya - ANTIBES

Robert Faure is also currently exhibiting in BARTOUX Gallery worldwide & CHAON Gallery.

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