Forma # 86 by Taylor Jorjorian

Taylor Jorjorian

Spring Hill, TN - United States


Born 1985 Taylor Jorjorian is a contemporary photographic artist living and working near Nashville, TN. Aside from an apprenticeship in photography he is predominately self-taught. Taylor's work is created using a blend of philosophy and technique. Believing that photography can be just as freely expressive as painting, sculpture or any other mainstream artistic medium he has spent over 5 years developing his "Liberum Method" for creating photographs. Based on the idea of subject creation rather than subject documentation this method allows Taylor to step out from behind the view-finder and focus on manifesting what is portrayed to the camera. Using these self-developed purely photographic techniques Taylor has produced a new breed of photographic imagery that pushes the envelope of what a photograph can be.

Artist statement

Surrealism, impressionism blended together with photography.
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