Sunset in the Tropics 5 by Tony A. Blue

Tony A. Blue

Hudson, FL - United States


Tony A. Blue was a very creative young boy in the early ‘60s, constantly trying to sketch and paint what his imagination could see and he still does that today. In 1967, he saw a Michelangelo Antonioni movie called Blowup and decided to add photography to his creative endeavors. He first learned his new craft through trial and error, then with military on-the-job training as a still photographer in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War.

Upon his discharge from the USAF in 1969 and to supplement his painting career, he enrolled in Los Angeles City College to further his photography studies. While there, his work was recognized by his instructor and Tony was asked to do a one-man exhibit, on campus, in the Presidents Hall—his first show, “The Many Moods of Women”, was born. That marked the beginning of his unique and significant contribution to the vast and glorious art world.

In the mid ‘70s and following the completion of his studies, he opened a photography studio in Los Angeles, California specializing in the fields of portraiture, fashion and glamour. He soon became one of the most sought after photographers in the Hollywood area, all the while, continuing to express himself through his painting.

With a growing hunger to expand his horizons, Blue’s creative yearning took over and with the ‘80s came change. He moved back to his home state of Florida to allow his creative juices to flow into a new direction…
Tony A. Blue, the painter, began to emerge.

Many years later, Tony has achieved international acclaim— including an Award of Excellence from Nikon Corporation’s international competition, being published in Petersen’s Photographic Magazine, his work featured in the Art Buzz Collection international volumes, and several awards (from Honorable Mention to Best In Show) at various juried art shows. His work has also appeared in numerous other publications along with fine art galleries.

Today, Tony continues to push the boundaries of his artistic direction with a paint brush and palette knife, etc. His originals are created in acrylics and mixed media on canvas or wood—they tend to fall under the expressionistic, and sometimes the social commentary label, but Blue just paints what he feels. ”My art is my voice.” - he says it best.

Artist statement

I'm an artist, that's all I've ever been. I paint because it gives me a means to express myself and what is on my mind at the time. My work is usually either abstract expressionistic (To me abstract expressionism is letting my imagination run wild like I'm sure it did when I was five. Whether objective or non-objective, it's all about lines, marks, splatters, blobs, etc. that push the painting into the expressionist zone - an exciting place for sure!), some with social commentary mixed in, or expressionistic landscapes (with a touch of impressionism) with an emphasis on the tropics and color - I use acrylics and mixed media. One thing for sure, creative ideas flow like a river – I’m, going to need a lot more paint!

Local shows

• LACC President’s Hall (solo) - Los Angeles, CA • EZ Gallery - Gulfport, FL
• Disney National Entrepreneur Center - Orlando, FL • Beck Gallery - Lutz, FL
• J. David Broudo Gallery - Beverly, MA • Marlene’s Art Gallery - Largo, FL
• Biscaine Art & Frame, Largo, FL • Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL
• Clearwater Chamber of Commerce (solo) - Clearwater, FL • Firehouse Gallery - Dunedin, FL
• Artists International Gallery - Tampa, FL • Suntan Art Gallery - St. Pete Beach, FL
• Hall of Frame Gallery - Dunedin, FL • The Art Center - St. Petersburg, FL
• Progress Energy Art Gallery - New Port Richy, FL • Katherine Hickman Theatre - Gulfport, FL
• Gallery O - Largo, FL • JJ’s Art Gallery - St. Petersburg, FL • Largo Library (solo) - Largo, FL
• Old Palm Harbor Gallery - Palm Harbor, FL • Summit Art Exhibit, Clearwater, FL
• Octagon Art Gallery, Clearwater, FL • Sarasota Art Center - Sarasota, FL
• 3 Monkey Gallery - Clearwater, FL • Florida Museum of Photographic Arts - Tampa, FL
• Tech Cafe (solo) - Safety Harbor, FL • Katharine Butler Gallery - Sarasota, FL
• Palm Harbor Library (solo) - Palm Harbor, FL • Miya Gallery - Weaverville, NC
• Old Hyde Park Art Center - Tampa, FL • Clay & Paper, inc. - Dunedin, FL
• Bamboozle Cafe (solo) - Tampa, FL • St. Petersburg College - Seminole Campus, FL
• Hoffman Porges Gallery - Tampa, FL • Gugliotta Gallery - Pass-A-Grille, FL
• Bottega d'Arte Gallery - St. Petersburg, FL • Leepa Rattner Museum of Art - Tarpon Springs, FL
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