Peachy by The Tracy Piper

The Tracy Piper

San Francisco, CA - United States


Tracy Piper is an ex-circus performer turned figurative painter. A kaleidoscope of vibrant color; Tracy’s work tackles the changing landscapes of community and identity in the 21st century. She has shown at both SCOPE Miami and SCOPE New York, and shows all over the world. In 2017 Tracy competed on the hit TV show ‘Skin Wars: Fresh Paint’ and emerged victorious. She graduated from the Illustration program at California College of the Arts with distinction in 2012.

Artist statement

When the color of your skin is probable cause. When a kiss is an act of courage. When our kids learn to duck and cover for more reasons than an earthquake. When the media continues to feed us divisive lies, continues to make us feel less than... then this is America as we know it today.

But we are worthy of more. Worthy of respect, of dignity. To be truly seen.
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