Big Deer by Amir Faysal

Amir Faysal

Narayanganj, DHAKA - Bangladesh


I am Amir Faysal. I'm a professional freelance Graphics Designer, Remote Admin support and Data entry expert from Bangladesh. I have done many big & small tasks at different marketplaces. I am well experienced. Already a Top seller of top marketplaces. Majority of my clients are repeat/long-term. I have always been creative and have a keen eye for details.

I am Color addicted. I love to create in multi-color design. Specializing in Abstract and Pattern design. Many of my designs feature on many marketplaces.

* “TOP RATED” Freelancer at Upwork.com (formally Odesk.com).
* Ranked 68 out of 209,378 individuals in the Admin Support category on Elance.com.
* “Top Seller” at Fivesquid.com.
*Level 5 Seller at PeoplePerHour.com.
*Overall Job Success rate 99.75% .

More info at http://www.amirfaysal.com/

Amir Faysal - Album: Geomagnetic

Amir Faysal - Album: Animals

Amir Faysal - Album: Abstract

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